About Valley Supply

Since 1972, we’ve known that if we do ONLY what is expected…we’ll never achieve anything extrordinary.

As a result, the employees of Valley Supply Company developed the following statement about our actions and attitudes in our desire to serve:

Valley Supply Company Vision Statement

We will be recognized as the premier supplier of construction materials to Puget Sound area residential contractors. The primary factor for our success will be our reputation for providing positively outrageous customer service and satisfaction at the highest level. We refer to this as “Super Hero Service”. Providing this level of service to one another and our customers consistently, will allow us to attract and retain ideal customers.

We will obtain our reputation by working together as a team.

We will approach each challenge as problem solvers, with a “can-do” positive mental attitude and a contagious spirit of enthusiasm. We will maximize communication with one another at every opportunity. The level of respect and support that our customers will witness among our staff will be unparalleled. We believe in one another and will encourage each other to greatness. Our words will build each other up. We will be students and teachers of one another and will not tolerate negative words or actions amongst our team.

We will own our store. It will be an outward expression of who we are. It will be well located to serve our customer base. It will be highly organized, efficiently designed, bright, spacious, and meticulously clean in appearance. The layout of our store, warehouse, yard, and work areas will allow our inventory and customers to flow smoothly in and out of our facility and will further aid in our ability to function as a team.

The product lines in which we choose to invest will be complete and focused to meet the needs of our customers. We will have abundant inventory in stock. Backorders will be uncommon. We will embrace technology that makes our jobs more efficient and allows us to focus on serving our customers. We will have a high level of confidence in the accuracy of information that our computer system provides about our inventory, our customers, and our financial data, because we are highly disciplined about maintaining the integrity of our information.

We will approach our business as professionals and will be systematic in our method of conducting business. We will plan for the future and execute our plans. We will hold fast to our core values of honesty, integrity, harmony, generosity, teamwork, and fun and will become highly profitable, building and maintaining substantial cash reserves. As a result, our staff will have continued opportunity for growth personally, professionally, and financially, and we will enjoy the pride and satisfaction of having become “the best of the best”.